Leh Car; The Story of a Girl

   -The story of college kid with depression and other mental issues who finds peace and happiness in his sister's friend.

 "She broke my heart as well as my spine and fractured my neck in a manner that I could only ever follow and long after her. I don’t and cannot feel anything anymore. With her every piece of me, every nerve did everything but lunged out of me at her. Each nerve standing on edge, excited, enlightened, and exhilarated mentally I was focused, mission minded and without distraction. She was all I thought about and for once I was more than just okay with everything I was. I was happy. I was okay with who I was both physically and mentally. I’m a mess. I’ve always been a mess. I’m going to die a mess. But for a moment I was her mess and she mine. And in that brevity I was dipped into a sampling of burning happiness. A fire of desire and I loved it. I was made aware of level of enchanted serenity and in the absence of ignorance I was forwarded the opportunity to experience true happiness while overwhelming in love and now I am left with nothing. The void is more difficult than I can bare."

The Tales and Times of Keighble Kahleigh: Epicness

   -Book one in a epic fantasy series about a young man who is on his way to becoming a very accomplished blacksmith when tides of misfortune find him enlisting an army of elite warriors.