Remus quote

I have been working on a concept for a  tv show based around the roman myth of "Romulus and Remus" but with a lycanthropic twist.  Today I was writing a scene where in which Romulus is asking his evil brother, Remus to refrain from the evil and darkness and change his ways. this is his response.



For too long have I lived in the
dark. So long in fact that my eyes
have adjusted to this new world of
mine, this world of darkness.
People seem to think we choose the
way in which we walk through life
which is all wrong. For one thing
we don't go through life, life goes
through us. We either step in the
flow and accept it or we step to
the side and fight our way out.
Either way the flow is decided for
us we just decide how to take it. I
accept it, the dark and in doing so
have optimized my potential.


It has a long way to go. I just liked the way it sounded.