Avengers Cast discovers Tumblr

Mark:Everyone, come look at this.
Scarlet:What is it?
Mark:It's this site called Tumblr.
Jeremy:Where's the "e"?
Robert:Is this some kind of Tom fan site?
Mark:No, it's this really random social website, like Facebook...but they hate Facebook on here.
Chris E:Wait, is that a drawing of Cap and Iron Man?
Robert:I can never unsee that.
Chris H:What's Thorki?
Jeremy:Is my resting face really that scary?
Everyone else:Yes.
Robert:Oh, look Mark. There's us! Science Bros!
Mark:And here are more things about Tom.
Scarlet:Are you sure this isn't some Tom fan site? Cuz he's everywhere.
Mark:Yes, I'm sure.
Chris H:I guess the people on here really like Tom.
Tom:I'm sorry.