Im not typical in the terms of “a guy” in any means. I love Disney Love and I want it so bad. I fear I’m not meant nor made for it. I want to do “sweet”/romantic/heartfelt things for some girl that I love. I love it I really do.  I am the random romantic immensley hopeless. random as in I like to do things unexpected such as flowers because its monday, a random piece of eclectic jewelry because it was beautiful and unique which reminded me of her, surprise visits, dates, vacations, things she wants to do, sneak up behind her hug her waist and kiss her neck, holding hands, hugging, cuddling, interrupting her sentences with kisses and and compliments, complimenting her biggest insecurities as if they are her most attractive assets, doing things I hate but she likes (mainly shopping). I love to be that guy. I still believe in “true love” and refuse to except societies way of romance, “forever and always” is what I want. I want a disney ending with a disney kiss my or our rather happily ever after. but I have come to the realization that I much like the Meeko, Eyore, and pumba will alway make girls laugh but never wanted in romantic ways. 

and it makes me sad

aparently I wasn’t meant to be happy