Disney questions! ♥

1. five favorite disney movies?
2. five favorite pixar movies?
3. the best princess?
4. the best prince?
5. favorite non-princess female?
6. favorite non-prince male?
7. favorite villain?
8. first disney movie you saw?
9. most recent disney movie you've watched?
10. most underrated disney movie?
11. favorite magical object (ie. flying carpet)?
12. favorite animal disney movie?
13. favorite disney sidekick or pet?
14. disney setting you'd most like to live in?
15. disney setting you'd least like to live in?
16. have you ever been to disney world?
17. do you believe you can outgrow disney?
18. villain you like least?
19. fairies or mermaids?
20. most overrated disney movie?
21. favorite song/music from a disney film?
22. best happy ending?
23. favorite disney couple?
24. what is something you'd like to see in a disney movie in the future (ie. more poc)?
25. which film has the most beautiful scenery?
26. do you like any disney sequels?
27. favorite scene from any disney movie?
28. favorite scene from your favorite disney movie?
29. will you show your kids disney movies?
30. do you prefer disney movies with the focus being love (ie. cinderella) or not (ie. alice in wonderland)?
31. who would you cast as real version of the disney princesses?
32. rather join the lost boys, seven dwarves or a different group?
33. character you'd most like to have as a friend?
34. character you'd most like to have as a pet?
35. most badass character?

Source: http://boss0501.tumblr.com