Feeling like my heart is torn
Ripped from my chest without death
Desperate to be from the ashes yet reborn
Fight as hard as possible for every breath

Living life without love
I can’t stand us being apart
Every thing I need for her I’d shove
the way I feel for you only grew from the start

I know all you want is to be left alone
for me to be gone, just feels wrong
Sorry I’m but i’m not that strong
Every moment with out is another cut all the way to the way pass my bone

Falling for you will forever be my best mistake
For the small time of utter happiness I wouldn’t change for the world
I handed over my heart, but not to break
For that time i got to call you my girl

I never thought I could be so euphoric
Never to happen again
For me that time goes down as historic
From here on out my love to feign

I will always need you and want you for who you are.
Even you felt the happiness warm
Like the sun.
Never to repair my heart will always be ajar.
When I wished deeply to never be done.

I’m tired of hurting and tired of stressing
To my life you brought something true and new
The time spent with you was such a blessing
For what you did give me I thank you

Noah A Waters III