From Tangled SPOILER: While it may seem that Mother Gothel is the eighth animated Disney villain to fall to her death - following the Wicked Queen (“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”), Ratigan (“The Great Mouse Detective”), McLeach (“The Rescuers Down Under”), Gaston (“Beauty and the Beast”), Frollo (“The Hunchback of Notre Dame”), Queen Narissa (“Enchanted”), and Charles Muntz (“Up”) - she does not in fact die in this manner. She is, however, the only Disney villain to die from extreme and rapid old age - brought on by the sudden loss of the magic effect on her of Rapunzel’s blonde hair. She only happened to be falling out of a 70-foot window at the time; once her cloak hits the ground, she has already turned to dust.
— Tangled Trivia (via theguywholovesdisney)