• GO to Google maps put in these chords 47.110579,9.227568Lokk left twice and up and holy crap 

      When I looked at it, I noticed something strange.
      If you start at the location mentioned (47.110579,9.227568), while in streetview and seeing this ‘object’, click on the arrows on the street to move west towards the tunnel (west). Right before you enter the tunnel (http://bit.ly/dnbjkc) you can still (barely) see it in the same location in the ‘sky’ (or frame). Go in once more step (single click on street arrpw) and you’ll see that the lights in the tunnel are now distorted on the location where this ‘object’ is. Now, if you double-click some point on the street inside the tunnel to move towards that location, you’ll see that the ‘object’ or blur disappears. Now, while looking west into the tunnel (same viewing direction as you came in), click on the street arrow that points east (in the direction back out of the tunnel) to come back out from inside the tunnel. You’ll see the that object is not there anymore. Where is it? Pan across the sky, it is now on the eastern side of the sky (http://bit.ly/9Iz3up)!
      A different time that I tried it, going towards the tunnel by double-clicking on the street, would have it shift 180 degrees in the sky before the tunnel and without having to back up.

      This might means that it is probably some sort of computing issue in the way the images are put together and presented to the user.
      47.110579,9.227568 - Google Maps 

Source: http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&tab=wl