Here's a happy piece !!

Because you’re Beautiful
I wrote this poem for you,
Because you’re beautiful
No matter what You do
What is this piece about?
in case you ever find
your self in wonder or doubt.

You think you have seen beauty,
Until you see her
Or you rather, When she walked into my life everything went loopy,
She seemless and pure, of all that’s for sure

Breaking down her amazingness
Would take forever
Going with out her does nothing but depress
To make sure she’s happy, my greatest endeavor
And Much to stress

I’ve never told you but, when my depression seems to ever heighten,
Some how your always there to to make my world brighten,
When it all darkens and sadness closes in,
You make it easier, for me to lift my chin

I look in her windows* and see the grandness of the skies
the beautiful blueness of her very beautiful eyes
Those glorious moment when she looks at me,
They fill mu heart with the purest of glee,
Wait till you see

Heaven on Earth I was not aware
until I met a girl, a girl crafted with such care.
You would be the answer to a prayer
if someone asked for something rare with beauty to spare.
If I had a choice I would choose you over air
for air can’t compare to a girl not found elsewhere.

Your beauty is present in every season.
It could be matched with that of the heavens,
Your beauty is prevalent for much more than just physical reason
Although the physical causes nothing to lessen

Your beauty is a temporary cure for my ADD
As a phenomenal piece of art
grabbing all of my attention attention
From the worlds apart

That I could be so happy I never knew
Alas all that changed the moment I met you.
My heart gets so excited from my chest it flew.
it’s always Christmas morning when ever I am around you

You can sit and listen to all the music
Of your choice,
Go an try, I’ll promise you this
But nothing comes as close to the perfection in your voice
It’s like sending to you heart the best in a kiss, sending your brain into a synapses fritz

Your beauty alone makes me question if your real.
I’m only proven wrong by the way you make me feel,
You had to have stolen the light from a star
The way you shine so bright and seen from a far

I watch and I gawk and try not to stalk
If he were real you could sure ask Sherlock
‘cause your beautiful, even if you think it isn’t true
I’d love the chance to get to prove it to you