I was asked this on my Disney blog

OK so my idea of a perfect date 

It would be (and not to sound like I am putting my self up or anything) but all about the girl, I am using this time and all these elements to show her that I care about her, hopefully since we are dating I know a descent amount of what she likes, everything will point to her cup of tea, or how she would like it, from the places we go to the things we do, and more importantly all the little details, everything to the way I sit or position I am in will say that I am interested in what she is saying and that I care enough to make sure I understand it, I think all good dates should include food, entertainment, and seclusion and not necessarily in that order but definitely ending with seclusion most of the time with either a drive or a walk something like that<3

My favorite Disney Related child hood memory?

We were at Epcot the last night we were staying in Orlando and it started to pour and would not give up an me and my memaw went from country to country running and splashing in the rain and trying some food from each place!!!! <3

Biggest turn ons-

  1. my hair to be played with
  2. my neck to be kissed
  3. a girl who can look amazing in a t shirt and jeans or any like simple thing she just throws on <3
  4. the arch <333333
  5. sweet and tenderness in general

turn offs-

  1. Rudeness or disrespect in any way
  2. mean or hatefulness
  3. for some reason capri and goucho style bottoms (sorry I have no idea how to spell them), they are a big turn off because to me they make you waist and rear end look wider and torsos’ disfigured, as well just all around extremely less attractive, they are seriously clothing abortions that is why they stop at the length they do, because they just didn’t go full term LOL
  4. when girls use the word “like” more than twice in a conversation.
  5. People who are overly atheistic and forceful about it 
Source: http://theguywholovesdisney.tumblr.com/