Easy life hard times

Breath ,
The intake of life
Emotion ,
In perils and strife
Confused anger ,
Give them your love to inhale and watch as there own hate they exhale, thriving in turmoil there stag life
A steeple,
There bodies metaphorically sit under, alas I see what you are the lesser of a great evil
A palace,
to revile in there lives of harshness and malice
Forgive my interruption,
Or not for it is of you that comes this corruption
Stand and go,
Before your vile and filth take enough time to truly effect other people
Oh how it hurts,
To see how you truly feel, worst is the manner in which I deal, begging every one to become one of your converts
Like a sculpted stone,
Mended and blended with what you want, I lay an I slumber forced to grow asunder pushed with much force to my very bone
In my ear,
Please whisper as I hold you in my arms Late at night, in my dreams
when I feel like crying out in fear shrieking covered In long dried tears
We’re not teenagers,
So do me a favor and grow up, but please comeback stop acting like we are strangers
Smack in the face,
Would be better than this hate you send my way, over a lake and beyond the woods you spit on what’s known as the human race
Sunlit joy,
Wind bound thoughts of happier days
the game of life we all are forced to play.
Moon lit nights I wanted to deploy
Listen to the wind,
Staring at the wall, peace and love should cover us all, but here I sit imprisoned, broken and never to mend
My thoughts,
I never could keep track of, I use to love to think, before I was taught how to think, now trying to remember what I was taught I forget what I thought.