A Production company based on the principle of the integrity of the Art. Where the story is more important than the medium or fanciness of the production. It is sad how many truly phenomenal pieces of art either don't get to see the light of day or are not as well publicized because they aren't as glamours or expensively made.  The idea of flawless art is an oxymoron or at least a negating ideal because there is no art in perfection, the art is the flaw in us all. 

"True art may be the most undefined, immortal, amoeba of a concept in this what we call our

world. It is not only raw, organic, individually unique and originally genuine but it encompasses all. It is the

experience we receive prior to death, and after the miracle of birth and yet most important outside the confides and

restrictions of reality. At the center of it all, the heart is the story conveyed by emotion and received in the same manner. True

art is only achieved when the laws of time and space are replaced with ones of creativity and inspiration, when emotion replaces

reason, fantasy replaces reality and this, (Beat) this perception of what "is"becomes altered and flawed

by the perfection that is storytelling all revealing and alluding to what this apex of nirvana is

True Art."

                                                                                                                            -Noah A Waters III