Baby Oil

I feel like

I feel like we as a generation use the phrase , "I feel like…" way too much. Alas , I also feel like the term "baby oil" needs a different name.


If you were to remove all of your social acceptance knowledge  and become ignorant of language then go back to learning words then you would see my point or understand it rather. During your time learning words, their definitions, and how to use them you would come across the many different kinds of oil and where they come from. You would come across "crude oil", which we get from drilling down into the earth and pumping it out, "Flaxseed oil", which we get from expelling the oil from the seed through air pressure, "corn and peanut oil" which we get from squeezing them and collecting the secretions. Then you would come across "baby oil" and you would run away screaming prior to reading any further.


Baby oil should be called  Newpkin because I cant think of anything thats sounds better and would put on a baby.


It is Law!