The most confidently insecure person.

I don't know what I am. 


Part of me thinks I am this confident and impressive young man with ambitions and aptitude with the predisposition to go places. 


Part of me thinks I am a very insecure, easily depressed, cynical individual with horrible self image and esteem. 


All of me knows I am simultaneously both and neither at the same time. I loose lovely portions of my insecurities on stage trough the therapy of performing stand up and telling stories through any medium is the worlds greatest relief. To listen to me describe my self is a game of chance; one day you might hear the pride behind a great set, a large accomplishment in writing (script, novel, stand up,...) or many other feats.  Another day you might hear about how I will never succeed because of the odds counted against because of my mental deficiencies, employment situation, or many other predicaments.


 Be kind to your self. You must be your biggest fan and supporter. 



Also don't listen to me... I don't know what I am talking about.