Proof of Beauty Part 1

Proof of Beauty-part 1

Wood must go through a very rigorous and rough treatment called sanding before it can be treated with stain or glaze and truly shine with all its splendor. Similarly think of all the tough parts of your life; all the dark, painful and mournful times. Look at how every stroke of the metaphorical sand paper left you with a another level of beauty. Coming out on top of a tough or tough situation proves you have grown with both beauty and understanding. Like a sharpened blade it becomes increasingly easier for you to cut through the future tough situations. The rougher, tougher and more painful a situation the more understanding and beauty you are going to come out with. Thus you should be thankful for the bad times because of how much stronger and beautiful will become with each. This will also assist in helping you get through each one easier. To have gone though what you have is proof that you are both strong and beautiful.